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Providing creative design solutions

Project Consulting

Taking the hassle out of managing your project

Interior Design

Creating beautifully polished interiors
With a team of highly skilled architects, interior designers and technicians, you can be confident in the successful delivery of your project with ArPM.

ArPM’s directors complement one another, each with a unique set of skills and area of expertise, and bring with them a hand-picked team who exemplify fresh thinking and innovation.

With an Australia-wide network, we are able to draw upon the expertise and local knowledge of each region to provide cost sensitive, region relevant development solutions.

ArPM has the ability to deliver on both large and complex projects without compromise, delivering design excellence irrespective of location.

Our services include: Architecture, project consulting, interior design, master planning, access consulting, ergonomic assessment, health facilities planning, and 3D rendering and visualisation.

We can also assist you with building audits, feasibility studies, expert witness reports, and building inspections.


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Master Planning

We make master planning your project easy
ArPM has extensive experience in master planning, whether for refurbishment of a greenfield site. ArPM provides a comprehensive and cohesive process for master planning.
ArPM maintains up-to-date information on current planning schemes, assessing each project individually, to provide maximum design flexibility within the planning framework, on a local and global level.
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Health Facility Planning - architectural plans and interior design services

Health Facilities Planning

Bringing international expertise in planning clinical facilities
Through GCCS (Garry Coff Consulting Services), ArPM offers specialist expertise in the planning and design of cost effective facilities, tailored to meet the needs of health service providers.
25 years of both national and international experience in the design and establishment of public and private clinical facilities assists us to fully appreciate the need for the flexibility required to manage change into the future, and deal with the constant need to reduce costs in order to maintain current services and quality.
ArPM is able to offer a comprehensive service covering: Pre-design consultation on regional master planning; Initial studies to determine budget parameters; Accurate briefing, detailed design, selection of materials; Detailing and construction methods with durability and low maintenance; Post-occupancy evaluations; Life cycle cost analyses.
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Access Consulting services for full DDA Access design

Access Consulting

Specialist disability advice and solutions
ArPM provides specialist advice and solutions to achieve access within the built environment for people with physical, sensory and other forms of disability, their families and carers.
Our up-to-date knowledge of requirements under current anti-discrimination laws, work health & safety legislation and building control regulations, ensuring the requirements of access and universal design are properly incorporated into proposed developments.
ArPM has access to access consultants, work health & safety consultants, project managers, architects, home modification experts, landscape designers, interior designers, and occupational therapists, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of services provided by experienced and qualified access experts.
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ArPM ESD - Environmentally Sustainable Design

Reducing the impact of construction and use on the natural environment

Environmentally Sustainable Design is a critical part of good design
The purpose of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is to reduce impacts in the construction and use of buildings on the natural environment, whilst improving the comfort of the inhabitants. ArPM believes that Environmentally Sustainable Design is a critical part of good design, as it is increasingly obvious that the built environment has a significant impact on the ecology of the planet.
ArPM is actively involved in energy saving initiatives, promoting carbon reductions for our clients. We have adopted ‘green’ design principles across all of our sectors, enabling our Architects and Interior Designers to skilfully create a design using appropriate materials and simple planning methods. This can greatly reduce elements like the transmission of heat and cold into a building which will, in turn, minimise energy use and diminish carbon dioxide production.
There are many other design initiatives within the categories of management, indoor environment quality, energy, transport, water, materials, land use and ecology and emissions that are applied to all of the projects we undertake, which we continue to develop through the delivery of practical ESD initiatives. ArPM promotes and encourages green design within the industry, and has a number of Accredited Green Star Professionals on its team.
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Adaptive Design and Future Proofing

Adaptive Design and Future Proofing

Response to changes in technology
Irrespective of market or industry sectors, adaptive design principles are the one constant in all design challenges. The ever increasing change in technology means buildings need to respond to and accommodate new technologies.
However, it is not technology alone that impacts on the design of a home, office or facility, many factors are taken into consideration including staff or resident independence, mobility and lifestyle, affecting the manner in which a design is created.
ArPM’s architects and designers will create a flexible design that can accommodate varying demands, whilst maintaining an aesthetic, functional and comfortable environment.
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Innovation in Architecture and Design


Innovative design and creative problem solving
Innovation in design is the development of the fabric, functions and processes beyond the client’s requirements, addressing propriety, efficiency, and the current and future needs of users. Excellence in process is measured on being flexible and well informed, actively researching and seeking improvement from experience, collaboration and alignment with true needs.
ArPM applies innovation to our projects through a systematic and project-focused delivery model. Every project is unique, requiring fresh and innovative thinking to provide the most practical, feasible, appropriate and cost effective outcome. We approach each new project with an eye to opportunity for creative problem solving, design, material selections and technologies.
We focus on being responsive in a collaborative briefing process, balancing innovation and risk, enabling each client to make informed decisions.
ArPM Environmentally Sustainable Design ESD green design leaves

ArPM promotes and encourages environmental sustainable design within the industry, adopting ‘green’ design principles across all sectors.