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We provide creative architectural design solutions to meet your aesthetic, financial and functional needs

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Our Architects and Designers will actively listen to your brief in order to fully understand your objectives, and in turn, provide positive solutions that are truly representative of your individual requirements.

We meet design challenges and deliver site-specific architectural plans, and designs that integrate seamlessly with the built environment.

ArPM is well versed on the growing need for sustainability in design and have qualified staff able to help meet your environmentally sustainable design objectives.

Download our ArPM brochure (1.3MB .pdf)  for a more in-depth look at how we can help to make your project stand out from the crowd.

3D Rendering and Visualisation - modelling conceptual designs and architectural plans

3D Rendering and Visualisation

Visualise your masterpiece with leading 3D walkthrough technology
At ArPM, we offer 3D modelling services and visualisation, helping you to visualise your build before construction starts. 3D modelling services can include:


A photomontage is the combination of a 3D model with an actual photograph from the site of the proposed building, enabling you and our designers to visualise, as accurately as possible, the placement of the new building harmoniously within its environment.


Where it is impractical to use photography, we can render the project as a high-quality illustration, with extraordinary realism.

Shadow Diagrams

A shadow diagram enables our designers to accurately determine the position of shadows cast from new and existing buildings, at specific times of day and year.  We can provide elevation shadow diagrams and have them calculated for each hour of the day.


Interiors can also be rendered effectively in the 3D modelling process.  ArPM can provide realistic lighting systems, and draw from an extensive library of furniture to complete the impression.
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Building Information Modelling, BIM for architecture and building design


Building Information Modelling
The ArPM team is able to provide architectural design and documentation in BIM modelling format.
BIM provides incomparable clarity and certainty to the user group process to achieve design outcomes better and faster. In addition, during design phase, a BIM approach means environmental analyses, such as sunlight, thermal, daylight, heating/conditioning can be performed within the modelling software.
The design team can create in-depth 3D modelling during the concept phase of design, helping you to visualise your build. The spatial and intelligent data in BIM models enables rapid assessment of the compliance of design options against planning requirements.
ArPM Environmentally Sustainable Design ESD green design leaves

ArPM promotes and encourages environmental sustainable design within the industry, adopting ‘green’ design principles across all sectors.