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CSIRO Site Asset Management Project Underway

ArPM was recently selected to undertake a 2-year Site Asset Management project with the CSIRO, taking part in the SAMS pilot (Space & Asset Management) – an integrated platform for managing accommodation space and assets within CSIRO facilities, throughout Australia.

The CSIRO currently operates 58 individual sites across Australia with an asset value totalling around $1.54 billion and an intention to institute an Australia-wide property management system. As an embedded scientific institution, the CSIRO has seen substantial change over the past years and, while they have retained much of their historic property stock, many of these assets require upgrades to suit the CSIRO’s current business model.

Coronavirus and infectious disease research

We’re conducting key research in the rapid global response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The work builds on our strong history protecting people in Australia and around the world from the threat of infectious diseases.